Cat Resources

Here are some helpful resources for you and your four-legged family member.

Poison Control
ASPCA Animal Poison Control

Humane Animal Control
Federated Humane Society – Pennsylvania – Search for Humane Police officer by County
(You can the Pennsylvania Dog Law and the Cruelty to Animal Law here.)

Pet Memorials
Abbey Glen
80 Kelly Road
Quakertown, PA

Dear Pet Memorial Park
3850 Richlieu Road
Bensalem, PA 19020

Dog Parks

To keep your dog happy, healthy and out of trouble, find ways to exercise her brain and body. If she enjoys the company of her own kind, visits to your local dog park can greatly enrich her life.

Benefits include:

  • Physical and mental exercise
  • Opportunities to maintain social skills
  • Fun for pet and their parents

Below are some of our favorite local parks.

Bucks County

Dog Resources

Here are some helpful resources for you and your four-legged family member.

Poison Control

Dog License and Microchip

Pet Memorials

Lost and Found

Have you lost your pet, or have you found one? This is a scary time for both the pet and the owner. The good news is, there are sites out there to help.

Found a Pet, Looking for the Owner

  1. Confine the pet. All strange animals are unpredictable and they are most likely to wander when they are in unfamiliar surroundings.
  2. Record a description of the pet. Include pet Type (bird, cat, dog, etc.), Breed, Sex, Age, Size, Color(s). Add a description of any Collar(s) the pet may be wearing and note the Date and Location where the pet was found.
  3. Place temporary identification on the pet.
  4. Begin the search for the owner right away.
  5. Use social media! Post your pets’ information and pictures on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media can help your message go “viral” to thousands of people in minutes!

What To Do To Find A Lost Or Missing Pet

  1. Begin your search right away. Contact any lost and found pet registries like those listed above.
  2. Conduct Foot Or Bicycle Searches. The first 72 hours are critical. Walking or riding bicycles helps to lay down a scent trail that a dog
  3. Items To Take With You On Lost Pet Searches. Take your dog’s favorite treat, a collar, leash, and a flashlight.
  4. Post and Distribute Fliers.
  5. Record a lost pet message on voice mail or answering machines.

 Helping Lost Pets: Helping Lost Pets is FREE to use and when you list a pet as Lost or Found, our members in your area are alerted. We also partner with many amazing volunteer groups across the country that will share your listing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Lost Pet Found Pet: uses social media to spread the word about lost pets.

Upper Moreland and Hatboro PA Lost and Found Pets: Upper Moreland/Hatboro PA Lost and Found Pets is for those of us animal lovers that want to help reunite lost and found pets with their owners or rehoming.

BuxMont Lost & Found Pets: Uses Facebook to spread the word on local lost and found pets.

Pet Emergency Hospitals

You should get your pet immediate care if they show one of the following symptoms:

  • Fainting or collapsing
  • Have diarrhea or they vomit more than 2 or 3 times an hour
  • Attempt to vomit but nothing comes up (especially in larger dogs)
  • Have weakness or paralysis
  • Have an allergic reaction to something (there may be swelling of the face)
  • You suspect that they have ingested something poisonous (antifreeze, rodent bait, or human medications)
  • Been bitten by another animal or a poisonous spider
  • Experienced any trauma (hit by a car or falling hard)
  • Experiencing breathing issues
  • Straining to urinate or defecate

If your pet is experiencing one or more of these problems, it is important that they get medical attention immediately.

Bucks County

New Hope Veterinary Hospital

  • 21 North Sugan Road
  • New Hope, PA 18938
  • 215-362-2961

CARES Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services

  • 2010 Cabot Boulevard West, Suite D
  • Langhorne, PA 19047
  • 215-750-3623

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic

  • 2250 North Old Bethlehem Pike
  • Quakertown, PA 18951
  • 215-536-6245

VSEC: Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

  • 301 Veterans Highway
  • Levittown, PA 19056
  • 215-750-7884

Montgomery County

Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Services

  • 1615 West Point Pike
  • Lansdale, PA 19446
  • 215-699-9294

Metropolitan Veterinary Associates

  • 2626 Van Buren Avenue
  • Valley Forge, PA 19482
  • 610-666-1050

Pet Rescue Organizations

Thinking about adopting a rescue? Giving an abandoned cat or dog a loving home is wonderful. Before you do you want to make sure you have all of the facts about Fluffy or Fido. You should ask questions to make sure you are in the right situation for any animal. Some questions to ask:

  • What type of medical treatment/care has the pet received? (age-appropriate vaccinations,  up to date shots, spayed or neutered, dental exams)
  • Does the dog or cat I’m interested in have any medical needs? (If so, expenses can rise quickly.)
  • Was the dog behaviorally assessed and will they show you the results? (reputable shelters and groups will have this done.)
  • What is the organization’s policy if you have to give the pet up? (Sometimes it isn’t an ideal placement.)
  • How did the animal come to the shelter and how long have they been there?
  • How are they with children, other pets, or strangers?

By asking questions upfront, you will have a good understanding if this is the right pet for your family and living situation.

Bucks County

Bucks County SPCA
Lahaska Animal Care Center

  • 1665 Street Road
  • Lahaska, PA 18931
  • 215-794-7425

Upper Bucks Animal Care Center

  • 60 Reservoir Road
  • Quakertown, PA 18951
  • 267-347-4674

Crossings Animal Sanctuary

  • 1098 Washington Crossing Road
  • Newtown, PA 18940
  • 215-321-4673

Pet Retail Shops

Me and My Dog Pet Bakery

  • 5860 Lower York Road
  • New Hope, PA 18938
  • 215-343-7838

Pet Trainers

If you recently purchased a four-legged companion, you probably are thinking about getting him or her trained. As you know any trainer won’t do. According to The Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals, these are questions you should ask potential dog trainers.

Q: What dog training equipment do you use or should I use?
A: Equipment should be pain-free for the dog.

Q: What happens in your training when a dog responds the way you want them to respond?
A: They receive positive reinforcement.

Q: What happens in your training when a dog responds the way you don’t want them to respond?
A: Bad behavior should be redirected.

Q: How will you punish my dog or advise me to punish them when he does something wrong or exhibits a behavior I don’t like?
A: Ensure they are teaching dog age-appropriate skills.

Q: How do you ensure my dog is not being inadvertently punished?
A: It would be reflected in the dog’s demeanor or performance.

Q: How do you know the type of reinforcement you selected to train my dog is appropriate?
A: You and the trainer will determine the most suitable reinforcement for your dog based on what he likes or what best motivates him.

Q: How will you know when my dog is stressed during training?
A: Professional trainers are educated and experienced in interpreting canine communication.

Q: What professional dog training associations are they a member of?
A: membership in organizations that promote humane, ethical training methods.

Q: Do they guarantee results?
A: Professional trainers work in tandem with you to effect the most appropriate behavior change in line with your goals. Results will depend on your level of commitment.

Q: How do they think a dog’s behavior should be addressed if they are growling or snapping at people or other dogs?
A: A professional will look to see if your dog is overly aroused or has a genuine fear or aggression issue. They will work with your dog’s emotional response.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: A professional dog trainer should be able to provide credentials. By being certified, it shows their dedication to providing quality training.

Q: Do you update your education?
A: All true educators keep current on their education.

Q: Do you carry professional liability insurance?
A: A true professional will carry insurance.

Q: How long have you been training professionally?
A: Experience is a key component in education.

Q: Does the trainer have hobbies with their own dogs?
A: If their methods really work they will have dogs of their own that they enjoy being around.

By being prepared informed ahead of time, you will be able to make the best choice for yourself and your pet.

Bucks County

Training Tails Dog Training

  • Susie Danzis
  • Doylestown, PA 18901
  • 215-348-3118


Looking for a Vet?

Did you surprise the family with a kitten or puppy? Adopting a rescue animal? Or just looking to change Vets? If any of these are correct, there are certain criteria that you should look for when picking a veterinarian office for your new loved one.

  • Is the facility clean, comfortable, friendly?
  • What are the office hours?
  • How easy is it to schedule an appointment? Are appointments needed?
  • How many veterinarians are with the practice?
  • Do the veterinarians specialize? Geriatrics? Behavior modification?
  • Are necessities such as X-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork, EKGs, endoscopes done on the premises? Or do you need to see a Specialist?
  • Are dogs and cats kept in separate areas?
  • Is the location convenient? Is parking easily accessible?
  • If needed, what emergency services are available?
  • What are the costs for their services? Are discounts offered for Senior Citizens? Multi-pet families?

By doing your due diligence before bringing a new pet into your home, you can save yourself a ton of grief down the road.

Bucks County

Animal’s Hospital of Levittown

  • 2230 Bristol Oxford Valley Road
  • Levittown, PA 19057
  • 215-949-1010

New Hope Veterinary Hospital

  • 21 North Sugan Road
  • New Hope, PA  18938
  • 215-862-2961

Animal Hospital of Warwick

  • 2370 York Road
  • Commonwydds A-1
  • Jamison, PA 18929
  • 215-343-5300

Indian Walk Veterinary Center

  • 662 Durham Road
  • Newtown, PA 18940
  • 215-598-9000

Holland Veterinary Care

  • 1496 Buck Road, Store A-6
  • Holland, PA 18966
  • 215-504-7387 (PETS)

Sycamore Veterinary Hospital

  • 228 North Sycamore Street
  • Newtown, PA 18940-1515
  • 215-968-0509

Woodbourne Animal Clinic

  • 137 Woodbourne Road
  • Middletown Shopping Center
  • Langhorne, PA19047
  • 215-547-9100