Pets Are Inn provides unique pet boarding without cages or kennels so that your family’s pet feels comfortable, safe and loved while you are away. Our host families treat your pet like a member of the family. The only time your pet will be in a cage or a kennel is when we are transporting your pet, or if you give us a cage to put your pet in. Don’t put your pet in a standard kennel facility that causes your pet to feel stressed, ill, or discomfort. Instead, Pets Are Inn provides loving pet boarding where your pet is cared for by an approved host family. Each pet sitter is thoroughly interviewed and must pass a home and yard inspection before being approved. Pets Are Inn will match you up with a pet sitter that is just right for your pet.

Getting Started

After you decide to utilize our service, Pets Are Inn will conduct an interview with you over the phone to get information about your pet’s personality, needs, and behaviors.

This includes medications, exercise schedule, favorite toys and more. We then use this interview information to find the right host family for your pet. Pets Are Inn also provides mandatory transportation services for your pet. See our pet boarding policies and requirements to see what you need to do before checking in.

Bessie’s Tail Video

Bessie’s Vacation With Pets Are Inn

Pet Boarding Services

Pets Are Inn provides the following pet boarding services:

Dog Boarding
Cat Boarding
Exotic Pet Boarding
Pet Care

Pet Boarding Rates

Pet boarding rates vary by location. See our pet boarding rates page to see rates for each location.

Book a Reservation

Book your reservation with the pet boarding franchise Pets Are Inn. Reservations are required and we ask that you allow ample time for us to make the proper boarding arrangements. We recommend that you call earlier than normal for major holidays.

Visit our pet boarding FAQ page for more information.


We think Pets Are Inn is the greatest thing around. But don’t just take our word for it! Read what customers and host families have said about their experiences with Pets Are Inn.


Pets Are Inn, Inc. is a Pet Business Corporation offering Pet Business Franchises, where each Franchise provides loving pet boarding in pre-screened, approved host family homes. Franchises are available throughout the United States.

Caring for pets since 1982, Pets Are Inn is the “#1 Alternative for Boarding Your Pet While You’re Away” with “All the Comforts of Home.”