What shots are required?

We require that your pet be current with rabies, distemper combo and heartworm preventative (dogs). We highly recommend bordatella (but is not required), along with a recent fecal exam. Your cat must have both rabies and distemper combo, and we recommend feline leukemia.

My pet is allergic to vaccinations; will you take my pet anyway?

Yes, but your pet will have to have the titer testing. We recommend that you plan ahead as it may take up to six week to receive the tests back from your vet clinic. Talk to your veterinarian about titers testing.

How old does my puppy have to be?

We have cared for puppies as young as 10 weeks. Because they are not exposed to a lot of other dogs the rabies shot will not have to be given. (Typically a puppy does not receive the rabies shot until they are six months old.)

Do you board un-altered pets?

Each location has a different policy, but most will care for un-altered dogs (there might be an extra charge). We do not board un-altered adult cats.

Do you take diabetic pets?

Yes, but not all our hosts are comfortable giving shots, so book early to ensure we have an appropriate host. (There is an additional charge for shots.)

I have an older pet with special needs.

We try to accommodate all requests so please inform the office of your needs, to determine if we have an appropriate home. (This may include: seizures, pill administration, blindness or impaired vision, deafness, limited steps or ability to walk, etc.) There may an extra daily charge dependent upon needs.

Does the host have a fenced yard?

Some of our homes have fenced yards and others do not. When a dog is outside it is either on a leash or in a fenced yard.

How do you know they are taking good care of my pet?

All of our host families are animal lovers. They are caring for pets because they love them. Yes, we do pay them, but they are not going to make mortgage payments with their earnings. Also because we are in the home dropping off or picking up pets we monitor for cleanliness, safety and attitude toward each pet.

Each host passed an initial phone screening and then an interview in their home. Each home was checked for safety and security as well as their experience with pets. We would never give your pet to a home that we had not thoroughly checked out, especially if we were not comfortable placing our own personal pets in the home.

Can my pet go back to the same host for each stay?

It is our intent to place the pet back with the same host for each stay. Sometimes that is not possible, as the host may be out of town, have a conflict, or another client has made a reservation prior to your request.

How many pets are in a home when my pet is there?

We place only one client’s pet(s) with a host at a time so your pets are the only guests in that home.

Can I just bring my pet to the family?

No. It is a matter of business preservation. We work very hard at keeping good quality pet-loving homes. If we allowed clients to take pets to our hosts, then why would clients call us next time; many would try to go around us.

Many of our hosts appreciate the anonymity of taking pets. Due to privacy issues they do not want to open their homes up to strangers. We can give you information about the family that your pet is staying with. For example: ages of children, if any; fenced yard; type of pet they own (if appropriate), etc

Can I call the family to check up on my dog?

If you wish to check on your pet, then you can contact the local office and they will check on the pet with the host. We can email or call you back.

Why can’t we meet the host family and see where my dog is going?

See above.

Will the host family be home all the time with my pet?

No one is home 24/7. We place your pet in a home that matches the pet’s needs. Yes, we have some hosts that work outside of the home, but if your pets are not accustomed to being alone for the work day then your pet would not be placed in a home with someone who is away from home for the work day.

What happens if my pet becomes ill while I am away?

If your pet should get sick and it is during normal clinic hours we will contact the clinic that you have given us. If it is during non-office hours then we will contact the nearest emergency vet clinic.

Is the rate per day or night?

It is a daily rate. We have a half day charge which is based upon when your pet is picked up or dropped off.

Will my pet be put in a kennel?

The only time your pet is kenneled is if you provide a kennel for your pet. They are transported in kennels for their safety. If your pet is destructive, chews a lot or is incontinent we strongly recommend that a kennel be sent. Our hosts do not have kennels.

Are there other dogs at the home?

Some of our hosts have pets of their own. If your pet does not get along with other pets it is not placed in a home with pets. This is one of the questions that will be asked during the interview.

My cat doesn’t like other cats.

We do not mix cats. The homes that care for cats do not have any cats. Your cat is the only pet in the home. They would not be placed in a home with a dog, unless you have a dog that you are boarding with your cat. Also, we do not kennel cats while in the host’s home.

What do I send with my pet?

An adequate amount of food and treats for the stay, along with their food and water bowls.

Dogs: Leash (either regular or retractable), several toys, bed or blanket with your scent on it, grooming supplies if you wish to have the pet brushed, and anything else that you feel will make your pet comfortable.

Cats: Litter, litter pan, litter scoop, and scratching post if your cat is not declawed.

How do you find your host families?

There are many ways that we have found host families, some have been former clients that want to be hosts, and others have been referred by other hosts. We do advertise for host families and then they go thru a screening process to insure that your pet is in a pet-loving, secure environment.

Do you check on the hosts when they have pets?

Yes, we often call to determine if they are having problems or questions, and we periodically just stop in.

If they have pets, do you determine if their pets are up to date on shots?

Yes. We have the host family’s vet on file and will verify shots with them, just as we do with client’s pets.

How long has Pets Are Inn been doing business?

Pets Are Inn has been in operation since 1982.

Pets Are Inn, Inc. is a Pet Business Corporation offering Pet Business Franchises, where each Franchise provides loving pet boarding in pre-screened, approved host family homes. Franchises are available throughout the United States.

Caring for pets since 1982, Pets Are Inn is the “#1 Alternative for Boarding Your Pet While You’re Away” with “All the Comforts of Home.”