Our fees are competitively priced when comparing the level of service you and your furry family member are provided. Rates are per pet. We do charge in half-day increments if we pick your pet up in the afternoon or drop off in the morning.

Boarding Rates


For dogs, rates are based upon the age, size and needs of your pet (see below for puppies and special needs). Daily rates start at $55 per day for small dogs and go up from that. Please contact us for a quote for your dog and include age, weight and any special care that will be needed. We do not board dogs who have had Parvo within the last year.

Puppies: We charge an additional $5 per day “puppy fee” until they are 18 months. This is in addition to the daily rate determined by their expected adult weight (not current puppy weight).


Cats are $35.00 per day. We do not board un-altered adult cats or FeLV+ cats. If your cat requires shots (e.g. insulin) there will be an extra “per shot” charge. Please give us plenty of notice if you will need a spot for your kitty since we have limited homes that can give shots!

Special Needs

If your pet requires extra special care (e.g. geriatric, incontinent, dog over age 15), we do charge a special needs fee. We also charge extra for un-neutered male dogs and un-spayed female dogs in heat. Please contact us for pricing if your pet might be in one of these categories. We do not board un-altered adult cats.

Exotic/Small Pets

We also care for exotic pets: guinea pigs, gerbils, turtles, rabbits, etc. Please contact the office for pricing. We typically charge “per cage” if you have multiple small pets.

Birds: We do take small birds (cockatiels, finches, parakeets, etc.) but cannot accommodate larger birds (parrots, cockatoo, etc). Pricing is per cage.

To find out the pricing for your pet and location, please submit a reservation request!

Transportation Rates

There is a round trip transportation fee. The specific amount varies between locations, please contact the office for a quote. Transportation is mandatory but covers all pets (you would not pay per pet).

Credit Card Convenience Fee

There will be a 3% fee assessed to the balance if paid by credit care.  We take AMEX, MasterCard & Visa

Reservation Policies

Cancellation Policy: Non Peak Reservations: New customers will automatically forfeit their $50 per pet non-refundable deposit. Notification three business days or less of scheduled pick-up results in a charge of 50% of the total reservation charge.

Peak Time Reservations: The deposit will be forfeited if you cancel your reservation. If the reservation is cancelled seven business days of less of scheduled pickup, 100% of the total reservation cost will be due.

Changes in Reservations: There is a $10 adminstrative charge if changes are made three (3) business days or less from scheduled pick-up or drop-off. A charge of $25.00 with less than 24 hours notice will be assessed. If your change is more than a day on either end, you will be charged as a cancellation (50% less than three business days, 100% less than 24 hours )

Notes: There is a $50 non-refundable and non-transferable per-pet deposit required for each new pet and for each pet during our peak season. Please check with the office for those peak season times. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Extended reservations (more than a month long) will require a $100 deposit.

To find out the pricing for your pet and location, please submit a reservation request!

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